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The New Munch Museum: A Towering Tribute to Norway's Artistic Icon

Edvard Munch, the prolific and often tormented Norwegian artist, has found a spectacular new home in Oslo. The Munch Museum, rebranded as simply "MUNCH", opened its doors in 2021, redefining Oslo's waterfront and offering the world an unprecedented look at the mind behind the iconic artwork, "The Scream".

The Munch museum
Munch Museum

An Architectural Beacon

MUNCH is an architectural marvel. Designed by the Spanish firm Estudio Herreros, the museum rises 60 meters tall, its sleek aluminum exterior angled daringly towards the Oslofjord. This dramatic lean gives the building an unmistakable presence from near and far, acting as both a landmark and a beacon of artistic expression. Inside, 13 floors of exhibition space, cultural venues, and breathtaking views await.

More Munch Than Ever

With space to exhibit more than 26,000 works of art, MUNCH houses the world's largest collection dedicated to Edvard Munch. Paintings, sculptures, drawings, and even personal belongings reveal a complex and compelling artistic journey. From the electrifying colors and raw emotion of "The Scream" to the quiet self-portraits that chart his inner life, the sheer volume and breadth of Munch's work will astound visitors.

A Museum for Everyone

MUNCH extends beyond traditional gallery spaces. It wants to be a cultural hub for Oslo – a living, breathing place of inspiration. Concerts, literary events, debates, and art workshops foster a sense of exploration and participation. Eating and drinking venues throughout the building and an unforgettable panoramic view of Oslo from the top floor complete the immersive experience.

The perfect place for your event.

A Sustainable Home for a National Treasure

MUNCH's dedication to sustainability sets it apart. Built to strict energy-efficient standards, the building exemplifies Norway's commitment to environmentally conscious architecture. This progressive approach ensures that future generations will be able to enjoy Munch's work in a responsible and forward-thinking environment.

How to Visit

The Munch Museum is located within easy walking distance of Oslo's vibrant city center. Check their website ( for current opening hours, exhibition schedules, and ticket information. Be prepared to be captivated; a visit to MUNCH is an unforgettable encounter with one of the art world's most complex and celebrated figures.

Author: Roger Blikkberget

Photos: Munch Museum

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